The gym has treadmills, bikes that don't move, weird stretchy bands, and of course weights. What does Out Fit have? Well, Out Fit is broken down into a few core disciplines:

Movement Over Land

Our own two feet define the primary mode of transportation used in adventure and exploration. This can largely be broken down into two main categories:

  • Trekking - This comprises walking/hiking and running. I am not one of those people who loves to run. I don't really even like it. I do like to explore though, and trail running in the woods offers a quick and inexpensive way to feed the Explorer while building muscle and burning fat. Getting your body in shape by running also makes it easier to hike and backpack when you aren't against the clock. It also makes it easier to run faster and for longer which means more exploration!
  • Biking - Mountain biking is kinda the fun version of trail running. You can go new places and see new vistas, but you get to go faster - and there's the downhill!

Movement Over Water

We mostly live on land but 75 percent of the planet is water, and it's a fun 75 percent!

  • Swimming - Swimming is the most fundamental human-powered transportation in the water, and it's a great workout and a rewarding activity in and of itself. Unfortunately, it's not really a great avenue for exploration because it's slow, difficult to travel significant distances (especially if you swim like me), and it's hard to bring much as far as supplies. Doing at least some swimming is important for anybody who is going to spend time in or around the water - both for potentially saving your life as well as just feeling more comfortable in the aquatic environment.
  • Paddling - I love the water, and any time I can sneak out for even a short paddle is time well spent. Kayaking and Stand Up Paddling (SUP) are easily the most popular paddling activities and both provide a great workout and are a ton of fun. Plus they are easy to do. Rowing, canoeing, rafting, and asdf are all great workouts too, and I love and encourage them all - they may require a little more to get started though.


Take your adventure into the third dimension with some vertical work. There are a variety of climbing options for all skill levels - rock climbing outside or in a gym, navigating a ropes course, or even just climbing a tree (one of my favorite things to do) can quickly throw some fun into your day and give some often-forgotten muscles a workout. Use your imagination!

Strength & Agility

I'm grouping these two together because they often aren't very fun, but they are important. We've covered moving yourself across the planet but there comes a time when you will have to move something else and this is where strength comes in. I try to avoid lifting heavy things just for the sake of lifting heavy things, but that is probably the easiest way to increase your strength. Incorporating moving or carrying things into your other adventures is also an easy/cheap/effective way to build strength. Running with a rock turns heads and adds an extra challenge.