Out Fit

Out Fit is different than your typical fitness routine. It's not about lifting weights in a mirrored cage, it's not about protein shakes, it's not about complex workout plans, and it's really not about vanity at all. Being Out Fit is all about having fun outdoors and getting yourself conditioned to have more adventure, and more fun, more often. So, get Out Fit and get MORE!

Sneaking little adventures into your everyday life is all about attitude. A quick trail run in the morning, some climbing at lunch, a short paddle after work, or a bike ride in the evening - get a great workout and have fun doing it. These ideas form the core of Out Fit's workout tools.

Check back here for daily workout ideas (out with the wod, in with the vod (adVenture Of the Day):

Biatholon: Combine some target practice with your run. You pick the distance. Add occasional stops for some sort of safe target practice: throwing rocks at a stick as it floats down the river or bring a tennis ball and try hitting a particular tree or sign -- use your imagination! My favorite on a wooded trail run with family is to bring a few throwing axes and stop at dead trees (it will draw some attention). Not only does the target time give you a fun break, but it also adds some hand eye coordination. And kinda sneaks in some interval training. Include some friends and have a blast!