Sliding for Ice Cream


Starting at a random ice cream shop, you and a partner will have 60 minutes to slide down as many slides as you can, and return to the ice cream shop.


1) You and your partner get 1 point per slide for each of the first 10 slides you slide down.

2) You lose 1 point per second that you are over the 60 minute time limit for returning to the shop.

Bonus Points:

1) 2 point bonus for each straight slide over 10.

2) 5 point bonus for each curly slide after the first 10.


1) Less than 10 points: you get some exercise.

2) At least 10 points: Ice cream!

3) At least 20 points: Order off the “special” menu!!!

4) 30 or more points: Special menu + a HUGE virtual high-five (cherish those)


1) All route planning should take place after the timer has started

2) All travel between the start and finish must be on foot

3) Both partners must slide down each slide for it to count


1) Public parks with playgrounds are a great place to start.

2) Some people have playgrounds in their yards (ask permission or run fast).

3) Some community parks also have playgrounds (again, permission/speed may be required).

4) Waterparks and pools often have ‘em too!

Sliding down a hill does not count, it must be a real slide.