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Rickshaw Run

posted Feb 22, 2017, 3:08 PM by Dustin Thomas

You know how there is always some guy at the office gathering who has a crazy story about the summer he spent hitchhiking across Afghanistan? Or the woman at the bar who has everyone enthralled with her sketchy trip through Central America with her cousin and some guy named Louie? Haven’t you wanted to be that guy or girl? I am not talking about a sex change here – I am talking about the unbridled adventure that comes from putting yourself in a foreign place with only the vaguest of plans.

If you’re like me, taking a summer off to “find yourself” may no longer be in the cards. There’s still hope though, but it is going to take a little stretching of your envelope. Enter the Rickshaw Run. One of a collection of “races” setup by a group called “The Adventurists” ( If you check out their website, you will find an assortment of slightly organized activities (not really races in the conventional sense) that are sure to pique your interest. The Rickshaw Run is the original, and it is an adventure across India using one of those 3-wheeled rickshaws that aren’t bad for delivering pizza, but are somewhat lacking for what you’d typically desire in a cross-country vehicle. The Run has a start and a finish, but little else. You pick your route, you decide where to eat and sleep, you deal with the consequences of your actions. In other words: don’t go THAT way unless you enjoy being ransomed by pirates.

Check out their website for other similarly themed “races”: Here’s a video guide they put on YouTube: