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One Knot

posted Jun 8, 2017, 9:50 AM by Dustin Thomas
I've said it too many times to count: if you only know 1 knot, make it the bowline.

The bowline is primarily used to tie a loop in the end of a rope that won't tighten. Boy Scouts teach it as a rescue knot that can be used to tie around the chest of a stranded person and haul them up to safety. I've come close to using it for that once - I used it to aid a person who was trying to climb a short vertical section of a cave. I've used it many more times for non-rescue applications: tie a rope to a post, make a loop for a tow hook, impress the ladies - with all with different degrees of success. You can even use two interlocking bowlines to tie two ropes together, and it will be easy to get them back apart later.

Here is an instructional video on tying the bowline: