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Komati Springs

posted Mar 2, 2017, 4:14 PM by Dustin Thomas
Ever since I read Diving into Darkness, I have been intrigued by Dave Shaw’s “proving grounds” in South Africa: Komati Springs.  Komati Springs is a flooded mine that consists of a central pit that provides open water conditions down to about 160 feet.  The pit also connects to a multilevel cave system that has been explored to a little over 600 feet – some of this exploration is touched on in Diving into Darkness.  Don Shirley (Dave’s mentor and eventual dive buddy) still offers technical diving courses, including cave, at the mine.

If you are like me and you live too far away for a quick trip to South Africa, here’s a video I found of a couple diving in Komati Springs.  The video is a little dark, but it still gets my heart pumping.

Check out Don’s operation: