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Airplane Mode

posted Feb 27, 2017, 8:40 PM by Dustin Thomas
It seems like whenever I am about to leave the house and need to grab my phone, the battery is almost dead. I usually make a half-attempt to throw it on the charger for a couple minutes and take off hoping there aren’t any long conversations in my future. Hopefully, the 911 operator won’t put me on hold if I am attacked by a pack of hungry wolves. Well, I hope I am not attacked by wolves at all – hungry or otherwise.

Now to the point: I heard a tip on the radio saying to put your phone in airplane mode if you are looking to charge it quickly. You still have to put it on the charger, airplane mode isn’t magic. The advantage is that your phone will charge much faster if it isn’t dinking around with signal reception. I gave it a shot the other day and it worked like a charm.

Bring it on hungry wolves!!!