Weapons System

Weapons System


"Weapons System" is an instant cure to a variety of potentially frustrating situations.

Next time somebody cuts you off, virtually shred their bumper with a few hundred rounds from your car's machine guns.

Let's say you're watching the big game and your favorite quarterback throws an interception and the opposing team's star linebacker is cruising towards the end zone: Time for the 70mm heavy artillery cannon!

Your boss won't stop yelling during the staff meeting? Send a salvo of missiles his way (you may want your headphones on for this one).

Being stuck on the phone with a telemarketer or bill collector can get you down. Sending a precision nuclear strike their way can really help cheer you up.

Activating each of the weapons will result in realistic sound effects and a big smile on your face. Your mobile arsenal includes dual machine guns, a massive cannon, four independent missile launchers, and for those exceptionally trying situations: the ability to call in a nuclear strike.