Talking Timer

Talking Timer


Talking Timer is just that, a timer that talks to you - that is, it uses voice prompts to let you know its status. The voice prompts can even be heard over your iPod music - just start your music then start Talking Timer.

You can chose to have the time count up from zero (like a stopwatch) or count down from your desired start time. The voice prompt intervals are also customizable so that you can find intervals that work for you.

Talking Timer was originally designed as an aid for exercising, but initial testers started using it for all sorts of things. Many people found it useful in the kitchen because they could keep tabs on the timer without having to stop what they were doing to pick up their iPod.

Great for: running, biking, paint balling, probably not swimming, but almost any activity where you want to use a stopwatch or timer, but may not be able to easily hold or stare at a conventional watch/clock.



Q: I don't hear a voice - what's wrong?
A: Make sure that you have not muted your phone and that the volume is at an appropriate level. If you can hear music, then you should be able to hear Talking Timer.