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Sight Words


Edward Dolch evaluated the words from a collection of children's books and found that just 220 words made up a majority of the words found in the books. He grouped these 220 words into list according to level and they became known as Dolch sight words. Once children are able to easily recognize these words, their reading ability greatly improves along with their confidence.

Many of the words cannot be sounded out using the basic rules. All children should learn to recognize the words without having to sound them out in order for their reading skills to progress. Non-English speakers who are learning English as a second language can also benefit greatly from Dolch sight words.

Site Words helps your child become a better reader by presenting them with sight words in a flash-card type setting, and allowing the child to actually hear the word by simply touching a button. This allows them to learn to read on their own during times when they might otherwise be stuck just waiting