Knot Time

Knot Time


UPDATE: Version 3 of Knot Time has been released. The interface has been modified to better support iOS 9 and the larger screens on many newer devices.

Many sports, such as rock climbing and sailing, are very dependent on effective knot tying and rope use. Knots are also fun to learn and fun to tie.

"Knot Time" is meant to serve as both a learning tool and a field guide for tying knots. The current version (2.0) includes six different categories of knots: general, boating, mountaineering, fishing, lashings, and scouting. The general category is perfect for beginning scouts or other people who are new to knots. The general knots are also great to have as a reference for many day to day activities that may require the use of a rope -- things such as securing a load in the back of a pickup, or tying a broken rope back together.

Each knot includes a brief description and an instructional video that walks you through the exactly how to tie the knot. We think that you will agree that this is the easiest way to learn new knots. It is also a very convenient way to get a quick refresher when you need it. We haven't heard from anybody who's life has been saved by Knot Time, but we've heard from a lot who've been helped out of a sticky situation.

"Knot Time" describes the following 33 knots: alpine butterfly, anchor bend, arbor knot, bowline, bowline on a bight, cleat hitch, diagonal lashing, double fisherman's bend, double overhand stopper knot, double surgeon's knot, dropper loop, clove hitch, figure 8, figure 8 with a follow through, lark's head, monkey's fist, nail knot, one handed bowline, overhand knot, Prusik knot, rolling hitch, round turn and two half hitches, shear lashing, sheepshank, sheet bend, square knot, square lashing, surgeon's loop, timber hitch, Trilene knot, tripod lashing, trucker's hitch, and water knot. More to come...

DISCLAIMER: Participating in activities that involve ropes is potentially dangerous. The quality of your knots and the ropes themselves should be properly evaluated before attempting any activity where danger is involved. Keeping yourself safe is your own responsibility, not the responsibility of this material.

Here is a sample knot video:

Additional Resources

If you are looking for an advanced rope work book, we highly recommend On Rope: North American Vertical Rope Techniques. It contains a lot of great information about vertical ropework and setting up rope courses. It also includes a lot of great pictures and diagrams (which we really like).


Q: Can I watch the movies in slow motion?
A: The simple answer is: no. The iPhone doesn't support playing back a movie in slow motion. If you tap the screen you will see controls that allow you to pause the movies at any point.

Q: Some of the movies seem really fast - am I doing something wrong?
A: Portions of some of the movies play at an increase speed in order to try to keep the overall length and file size down. The portions that are faster are generally places where the same procedure is repeated multiple times, or portions where very simple, but time-consuming, routines are involved.

Q: What about <insert your favorite missing knot's name here>?
A: I am working on an efficient way to release "packs" of knots that can be categorized into groups such as "Boating", "Mountaineering", etc. Stay tuned...