Breath Hold

Breath Hold


The ability to hold your breath for long periods of time can come in handy whether you are a freediver, surfer, kayaker, or other water-sports enthusiast. One way to increase the maximum amount of time that you can hold your breath is through the use of breath hold tables. The Breath Hold app puts the power of breath hold table workouts conveniently on your iPhone or iPod Touch. At the very least, you will be able to impress your friends with how long you can hold your breath!         


Q: How often should I do the tables?
A: Most people recommending doing each the CO2 and O2 tables twice a week for peak performance gain. Frankly, you will notice some sort of improvement even if you only hit the tables once every other week. If you currently aren't doing anything to improve your breath-hold time, then any training will help. You will notice drastic improvements in the beginning with very little time commitment. In short twice a week is recommended but anything is better than nothing.

Q: Do you intend to include iPod Touch support?
A: Yes. Version 1.1 is now available and it includes support for the Touch.

Q: How do I change the way the times are calculated?
A: There is a "Settings" icon on the main page of your phone/iPod. Start it and find the "Breath Hold" icon - click it to modify the settings.