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I am one of those guys who enjoys being a kid. Or maybe I am simply incapable of being an adult. Like most kids my age, I love being outside. The outdoors provides so many wonderful experiences, and it pains me to see a growing number of people voluntarily caging themselves inside for most of their lives.

I want to give back. I want to help establish a new "underground railroad" to help kids (young and old) escape from their self-imposed entrapment. Join me, and get out!

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I have a unique project in the works. After some prodding from friends, I am writing a book about the more nefarious side of my life. I am calling it a novel and classifying it as fiction to avoid prosecution and to maintain my standing in society (whatever that is).

I am new to the author game, but am getting some help from a good friend, D.L. Thomas. His book, Backlash, is one of my favorites.

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